Gaver Christmas Tree Farm Engagement

This Gaver Christmas Tree Farm engagement session was the perfect celebration of two amazing souls becoming one to create a life of purpose and passion.

“I just knew that Josh was the one that I would want to spend my future with.”

Anna and Josh’s love story began in 2012 where the two were attending a church near the University of Maryland, College Park. It was Anna’s freshman year at the university, so she was ecstatic when two friends at orientation invited her to check out their church’s young adult group. During the fall semester, Anna and a friend decided to attend the church’s fall barbecue together. As fate would have it, Josh was the driver who picked the two up for the event (in his classic red mini van, might I add!). Brief introductions were made, and Anna quickly noted that Josh was someone she wanted to get to know.

The two blossomed a friendship during the barbecue, and afterwards, Josh invited Anna to a football game…but not before the two talked through a 60+ comment Facebook thread! After the game, they started texting quite often, and they both realized their passion for ministry was one they wanted to share together. During a Mission Conference in 2012, the two met and created a bond with a homeless man where they discovered their true, long-term purpose for ministry together. There were several other experiences where both showed their kind hearts not only through serving others, but for each other. Anna can recall several memories where Josh had gone above and beyond for her, including delivering unexpected study session goodies and even singing her favorite Disney songs when she was having a bad day!

Although Anna and Josh shared many experiences together doing what they loved, neither admitted their feelings for each other until early 2013. They wanted to wait for the right time to start dating, and Josh wanted to make their relationship official after asking her father’s permission (talk about a true gentleman!). The couple looked at their relationship as a time to discover everything about each other, grow together, and determine if this love would last a lifetime.

Josh had spent much time preparing for his grand proposal…he even had lanterns he planned to use sitting in his room for a whole year! During the late summer of 2017, Josh asked Anna to a weekend getaway at a friend’s home on the Choptank River in Preston, Maryland. Anna had suspicions that he may propose during the trip, but thought otherwise since Josh was acting “too relaxed!” They spent a day on the river with friends canoeing and floating, and later that night, two friends offered to cook dinner while Anna, Josh, and a couple friends went back to kayaking (although Anna was not originally happy about it!). The two reached an ending point of the river and stopped to take pictures of the sunset. Anna quickly heard talking coming from the shoreline, then saw a lantern floating in the sky, and Josh began playing “I See the Light” on his portable speakers…she couldn’t believe the moment was finally here! As they approached the shore, she was able to see all of her closest friends participating in the engagement, including those who lived in different states! The water was scattered with beautiful parchment water lilies decorated with a candle, and their friends lit lanterns to celebrate this special moment. As they exited the canoe, Josh got down on one knee and asked his sweetheart to be his wife. The night was capped off with a big dinner with their loved ones. What a truly magical experience!

I was honored to capture this love story at a magnificent December engagement session. We started our day in Downtown Frederick where Anna and Josh walked the streets of the classic town. Anna graciously wore a deep red gown paired with an elegant seasonal bouquet. Their love showed effortlessly with each shot, and the cool winter scenery made for an excellent backdrop. As the session continued, we moved to the Gaver Christmas Tree Farm to take in the holiday views. The two snuggled up for some precious shots and took time to reflect on their new adventure together.

Anna and Josh will continue their love story at their August 2018 wedding. They plan for their event to be a classic, romantic day for their family and friends to all enjoy! I can’t wait to see you two soon!

Gaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementGaver Christmas Tree Farm EngagementPhotography | Anny Photography

Hair + Makeup | Glam Bridal Beauty

Floral Design | Kelly Chiang Florals 

Top | Jenny Yoo Collection

Dress | Lulus

Ornament Calligraphy | Laura Hooper Calligraphy

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