Sandy Point Beach Engagement

It took years of knowing of each other and coming together through fate that created a beautiful love story, celebrated by this romantic Sandy Point Beach engagement.

Sarah and Eric have been a part of each other’s lives since they were young. Both attended TaeKwonDo together and even lived relatively close to one another. As the years passed, the two had crossed paths in high school, yet their circles never aligned. From the outside looking in, Sarah and Eric were simply just two people who happened to live in the same area. Little did they know, this would play a significant part in their story. These mere acquaintances reconnected when Eric visited Sarah’s church while searching for a new home church. In the summer of 2013, Eric joined the church and began to get to know the members through meet ups in Baltimore City, including his future forever love, Sarah. That November, the two had planned to see friends at a brewery in Old Ellicott City. To their surprise, none of their friends showed up, and Sarah and Eric had experienced their first moments alone together. Nerves quickly faded as the night carried on, and they began talking like old friends. Hours became moments during this night, and things were never the same since that day. Later that year, they had arrangements to attend a friend’s holiday party together. Eric knew that Sarah was worth pursuing and decided to take her on a detour to the National Harbor. Although both still were full of emotions about each other, Eric made the leap to confess his fondness of Sarah. In February 2014, the two became an exclusive couple and have been together ever since.

The couple both knew each was “the one” after seasons of change, those small, yet special moments, and learning each other’s true heart. Prior to their engagement, Eric knew Sarah would be in his life forever after noticing how deeply she cared for his words and passion for his career. She became his strongest support system and valued all of his ideas. Sarah had always loved him dearly, but his actions spoke to a different kind of love that really changed her life. His servant-like heart made her heart swell with an endearing love, which made her want their relationship to last forever. In September 2017, Eric decided it was time to make things official. The two were vacationing in Orlando with friends, which according to Sarah, was not Eric’s original plan! The engagement plans had accidentally slipped when Sarah’s father mentioned the September proposal prior to the trip. Originally, he wanted to propose in a quiet, secluded location in Washington D.C., but out of his love for her, he ensured the proposal would be a surprise. As they roamed around the theme parks of Universal Studios, Eric and their friends were busy looking for a good place for the proposal to happen. At the very end of their day, Eric found the right spot – the lake at the entrance of the theme park. Giving the cue, everyone slowly disappeared out of the scene, leaving Eric and Sarah alone. He got down on his knee and asked her to be his wife. Shocked at the public engagement (Sarah says Eric is a private person!), Sarah began to giggle with excitement, and the two spent the remainder of their vacation celebrating with friends.

To commemorate such an incredible love story, Sarah and Eric decided on a Sandy Point Beach engagement session. Although we visited the beach in April, it was a marvelous day for their session. We walked amongst the rocks that fled into the waters and explored the trails of the property. Sarah sported a flowing pink skirt paired with a neutral creme blouse that perfectly complimented the natural backdrop. The two made this shoot effortless thanks to their undeniable love for each other! Even the crisp skies and soft sand made for a memorable day together.

Sarah and Eric will host a June 2018 wedding at the Main Street Ballroom in Old Ellicott City. The two plan for their big day to be a relaxing, laidback, and fun summer event. Their story has been so touching to learn about, and I cannot wait for their wedding day!

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Photography | Anny Photography

Hair + Makeup | Shine, Tina

Skirt | BHLDN

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